Murray Prichard’s new exhibition is on display at BMG Art

Murray Prichard, Galapagos ll, Acrylic on canvas
Murray Prichard's new exhibition, Liberties, is on display at BMG Art, Marleston until Aug 5th 2023.

About Liberties

“At this time, I am enjoying the liberty of experimental painting of anything. I am deliberately avoiding having a clear idea of how to begin a painting or what the end result will be. I try to keep out of my own way and avoid over-thinking. Spontaneity, emotion, risk, accident, surprise, instinct, unpredictable mark and shape making…all play their part in keeping me engrossed and motivated. To me, non-figurative imagery possesses the most profound of feeling and meaning. In the end, the painting tells me what it is,” says Murray Prichard.

Murrary Prichard, Wheat, Acrylic on canvas

About Murray Prichard

“Abstraction, or non-objective and spontaneity, are essential to my way of working. This is in defiance of my illustrative, graphic design days years ago.

My work has always been a felt response, not a rational analysis of nature. Land, fire, water and outer space are my usual inspirations. Macro and micro ‘landscapes’ are my interest at this time. They can be read as full abstract landscapes.

Anything else could happen, and I’d go with it. Once warmed up with a coffee or two, I just start, put down a mark or stain, no plan as how to start or finish the image. Instinct rules. Occasionally I go outside and paint a landscape, just for the sheer joy of being with nature, but I’m really a studio painter. While painting, all thinking is put aside, allowing the creativity to come through. The mind is in neutral. Turn up the music, mostly blues. Another coffee and into the night…” says Murray Prichard.

Murray Prichard, Build Up, Acrylic on canvas

Liberties, paintings by Murray Prichard

until 5 Aug, 2023

BMG Art, 444 South Road, Marleston


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