On Exhibit: Andrew Baines

Andrew Baines is an artist whose work is represented by leading commercial galleries and held in numerous collections in Australia and abroad.

Andrew lives and works at the beach with his wife Jacqueline.

A full-time artist since 1999, Andrew captured national and international attention for his surreal installations and inspired paintings, for which politicians, symphony orchestras, cows, Hills hoists, archbishops, and hundreds of suited volunteers have been positioned on shorelines for photoshoots. 

Partnership of the Perplexed 2023 acrylic on canvas 80 x 120cms

Andrew says that he regards the shoreline as representing the security of sameness. 

“The never-ending tide moving steadily in and out, the maternal slow pounding of ocean hitting sand … it is in this moist sand where I can create a narrative for my art via unusual shadows and reflections, and where my array of surreal individuals and tribes enter and leave the ocean,” says Andrew.

Andrew’s signature works were often developed to highlight a charitable cause, especially the plight of the homeless. They include The Coalition of the Constipated (2012) and Doorways to Potential (2013).

Now 60, Andrew paints every day and plans to continue until the vagaries of old age stop him.

“Then, I will buy a small place with a big window that looks out onto the ocean and spend my twilight years pondering the existential questions of existence. And maybe then I will find my answers,” says Andrew.

I Loved Her so much I Ended up Hating Her 2023 acrylic on canvas 80 x 120cms

Andrew enjoys an international reputation as a surrealist; most importantly, his work offers humour and escapism, attributes highly regarded by collectors today. 

Andrew’s next solo exhibition is at BMG Art 16 June – 8 July.


444 South Rd, Marleston



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