Joep Beving’s musical journey: From a self-published debut to a streaming sensation

After inheriting his grandmother's German piano, Dutch pianist Joep Beving’s musical approach evolved from seeking technical speed to expressing 'simple music for complex emotions.'

Turned down by the only record label he approached, Joep decided to self-release his debut album Solipsism in 2015 at the age of 38.

The sound of his piano found its way to the ears of Christian Badzura, A&R manager of the world’s foremost classical label, Deutsche Grammophon. This led to the signing of Beving and the highly successful release of his sophomore album Prehension in 2017, making him one of the most listened to living pianists in the world at that time.

Attributing much of his music’s broad appeal to the stream of consciousness in which some of the pieces were conceived, Joep claims that the music is already out there and that you just have to create the circumstances for it to land. On Conatus, Beving sees compositions from his first two albums, travel through the minds of artists he admires, adding new layers and dimensions, and resulting in new pieces of music.

2019 saw the release of Edison Award-winning HENOSIS, the closing chapter in a trilogy of albums. It sets off where Joep’s sophomore album Prehension left us, with the warm intimate sound of the Schimmel piano. Through collaborations with Cappella Amsterdam, Echo Collective and Maarten Vos, Beving opens up new musical worlds using orchestral and electronic sounds alongside the familiar piano. LINK TO HENOSIS:

For his latest project, Joep draws on Hermeticism, a spiritual philosophy which stems from ancient writings attributed to the legendary Greek author Hermes Trismestigus. At its core are seven universal laws of nature, passed down through the centuries and later compiled in The Kybalion. These concepts – such as the principle of cause and effect and the principle of rhythm – are all about finding a continuous balance in life and existence.

Joep Beving will bring the Australian premiere of his acclaimed Hermetism live show to Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday 18 July, as the first stop in Joep’s biggest Australian tour yet, tickets on sale now.

Joep Beving’s Hermetism

18th of July, 2024

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide

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