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Alison Main & Sum Woon Chow | BMG Art

17 Feb 24

Alison Main – Painting & Ceramics

Alison’s work flows from the unexpectedness of life. Each day is often completely different from what’s planned. Interesting or demanding projects can sideline your attention. A chance moment can reshape life entirely. From the end of my brush emerge random images, unknown before revealing themselves.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realise one’s true form of expression. Temptations into byroads can be valuable, but distracting. A return to ceramics connected her random painting on pots with her 2000s painting, linking her self portrait winn of the 2007 Prospect Portrait Prize – and her 2022 temporary mural in Central Studios window.

Sum Woon Show – Painting

The painter Joan Mitchell once remarked that the act of painting is ‘feeling living’… ‘the only thing that is both continuous and still’. For Sum, every brush stroke, every painting, stood for a moment in time, skulking within are the experiences and memories of lives lived. He grew up in Singapore and now lives and works in Adelaide.

In his work, nature and the environment are important subjects, for the deeds of humanity have such an impact on nature, and ultimately the well-being of life itself.

We would like to acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of the lands and waters of the Adelaide region.

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