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GOLD: 50 Years 50 JamFactory Alumni


JamFactory Tarntanya/Adelaide
19 Morphett St, Adelaide

17 Sep 23

Since JamFactory’s establishment in 1973, hundreds of highly acclaimed artists, craftspeople and designers have permeated its studios in their journey to successful and sustainable careers. On the occasion of JamFactory’s 50th anniversary, this exhibition celebrates the history and achievements of JamFactory’s Associate Program through the work of 50 of its most outstanding alumni.

Featuring: Peter Andersson, Danielle Barrie, Clare Belfrage, Gabriella Bisetto, Annette Blair, Kristel Britcher, Gareth Brown, Andrew Carvolth, Scott Chaseling, Rhys Cooper, Amanda Dziedzic, Caren Ellis, Lesa Farrant, Gretal Ferguson, Liam Fleming, Honor Freeman, Susan Frost, Sam Gold, Eileen Gordon, Zoe Grigoris, Philip Hart, Katie-Anne Houghton, Kath Inglis, Takeshi Iue, Courtney Jackson, Stephanie James-Manttan, Michelle Kelly, Bronwyn Kemp, Erin Keys, Kerryn Levy , Danielle Lo, Tom Moore, Jason Moss, Liam Mugavin, Belinda Newick, Anne-Claire Petre, Adrian Potter, Madeline Prowd, Sarah Rothe, Brenden Scott-French, Lauren Simeoni, Alison Smiles, Drew Spangenberg, Ivana Taylor, Sarra Tjian, Dean Toepfer, Ulrica Trulsson, Janice Vitkovsky, Hannah Vorrath-Pajak and Leonie Westbrook.

We would like to acknowledge the Kaurna people as the custodians of the lands and waters of the Adelaide region.

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