OMGHee: Australian organic grass-fed ghee

Lisa Ormenyessy didn't choose the Ghee life. The Ghee life chose her. 

“Think of it like an avocado that you can cook with”, is how Lisa, Founder of South Australian based, describes OMGhee. But, of course, its many uses and extensive properties far outweigh an eleven word sentence. OMGhee is in fact a powerhouse of organic, biodynamic good.

“I was recommended to eat ghee to reduce inflammation in my body”

Lisa Ormenyessy

So Lisa tried ghee after ghee.  Some tasted more like medicine than the inviting buttery flavour one can expect from a good Ghee. Lisa then began a one-woman mission and set out to develop the creamiest, healthiest and most delicious Ghee on the market.

Before I go any further, I should tell you a little about the star of this piece: Ghee.

Ghee is butter that has been cooked at low temperatures for a lengthy period of time, a process which transforms fatty acid chains and removes moisture.

During the process, the butter naturally separates, causing oils to rise to the top and solids to the bottom. Lisa continues this cooking process which caramelises those butter solids resulting in deeply flavoursome Ghee. But it doesn’t only taste amazing, this slow cooking method also makes the Ghee suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. 

“What’s left after we cook the butter for 12-14 hours is a good-tasting fat with incredible health benefits and unrivalled shelf stability”.

South Australian made and owned OMGhee has a multitude of uses. However, if we’re talking mainstream for a moment, the key to Ghee is to treat it as you would butter.  You can cook with it or fry with it. It’s excellent for high-heat cooking, so it won’t burn. And it gives anything you cook in the pan—steaks, vegetables, mushrooms—a beautiful rich buttery taste.

Saute with it. Use it for baking. Add it to your coffee or smoothies. You can pop your popcorn with it or spread it on your toast. In fact, just about anything that butter can do, ghee can do better!

OmGhee is Australia’s only organic, biodynamic, grass-fed ghee and is proudly made using the finest 100% Australian organic, grass-fed butter.

By now, I imagine you’re thinking, ‘where can I find this OMGhee?’ 

I’m glad you asked. A full list of stockists is available on the OMGhee website. So try it. Because I’m sure you will love it!



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