There is nothing quite like The Enchanted Fig Tree

Inside The Enchanted Figh Tree on Kangaroo Island
Located on Kangaroo Island, The Enchanted Fig Tree offers a restaurant venue unlike any in the world and it opens today for a new season.

120 years ago, a small fig tree sapling was planted as a food source for the first settlers of Kangaroo Island. That tree now boasts colossal, gnarled limbs and shimmering leaves that form a truly spectacular dining location.

A living venue

Located on the North Coast Road of Middle River on Kangaroo Island, The Enchanted Fig Tree offers a restaurant venue unlike any in the world.

It wasn’t an easy life for the early settlers on Kangaroo Island. Children often fell sick, and some didn’t survive. There were no roads, let alone restaurants. We don’t take the history of our magnificent tree for granted. It’s why it has been so lovingly restored and transformed.

“Wonder makes us stop and ask questions about the world, while marvelling over something we have not seen before, whether spectacular or mundane.” – Julia Baird, Phosphorescence

When writing Phosphorescence, Julia Baird discovered scientists all over the world who have been researching the psychological and physical rewards of spending time in nature, with all five senses open and alert. In a nutshell, we become happier.

The Enchanted Fig Tree invites you to venture through the leafy entrance where you will find a collection of natural ‘living rooms’. And here you’ll experience a magical feast of the senses, inspired by the landscape, local culture and history.

Dessert with a difference

Winemaker and flavourist Rose Kentish is inextricably linked to alcohol production in South Australia. As founder of Full Circle Spirits, she’s spent years perfecting the art of distilling using locally sourced, organic ingredients to create unique and delicious spirits.

One of her latest creations is a limited-edition Enchanted Fig Tree – Scorched Fig Liqueur that will be complimentary as part of this season’s dessert.

When Rose bought a property near the Enchanted Fig Tree, she became very interested in foraging around the middle river. She got particularly excited about the figs dropping off our tree.

To make the liqueur, the figs have been scorched over heat to release their full flavour and then combined with Kangaroo Island honey, capturing the essence of the island and its beautiful seasonal abundance. The flavour is incredible.

With only 300 bottles produced, it’s available exclusively in Australia. We’re proud to say it’s made it onto the menu of Bennelong (located in the iconic Sydney Opera House).

The Enchanted Fig Tree continues to partner with Kangaroo Island Spirits who are renowned for foraging local botanicals to create a delectable range of beverages, including their Wild Gin which is distilled uniquely with ‘Boobialla’, Kangaroo Island’s native juniper.

This year, accomplished Adelaide chef John Stamatakis will be opening the season with his own style of magic. Without giving too much away, John will be creating food flavours that date back to before the ancient Edo period in Japan.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

To experience the extraordinary, Alice left behind the world as she knew it. Joe, Beth and Frannie climbed to the top of the Faraway tree. All you need to do is head to Kangaroo Island.

The Enchanted Fig Tree awaits.


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