Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Modbury opens on Sundays

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is opening the doors of its Modbury Donor Centre on a Sunday for the first time last weekend (Sunday July 2), creating more opportunities for people to donate blood and plasma.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Modbury Donor Centre is the first in South Australia to open on Sundays.

Lifeblood spokesperson Natalie Lane is thrilled the centre is opening seven days a week, particularly at a
time when more donors are needed to meet the patient demand for blood and blood products.

“We know the people of Modbury and surrounds are incredibly generous, and we hope these new hours
will make it even more convenient to book an appointment to give blood and plasma,” Natalie said.

“The demand for blood and blood products is at its highest in a decade. Winter is also upon us and that
means many donors are cancelling or rescheduling appointments due to cold, flu or COVID-19.

“If you are feeling healthy and well, I encourage you to step up and fill those appointments, if you can,
because the need for blood does not stop.”

Cancer treatment, emergency surgery, road trauma and bleeding during childbirth are some of the most
common uses for donated blood in Australia. Each donation can save up to three lives.

Blood donation takes around an hour and there are currently more than 50 appointments available on Sundays at Modbury in the next three weeks.

Natalie Lane welcomes regular and first-time donors.

“If you’ve given blood before, be a local legend and spread the word with your friends, family and neighbours about how they can help to make a difference.

“Every donation provides hope to patients and their families. We hope to see you at Lifeblood’s Modbury donor centre – or any of our other South Australian centres – soon.”

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood – Modbury Donor Centre

954 North East Road, Modbury

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