Adelaide’s Finest Supermarket’s Mr Nick receives Order of Australia medal

The Adelaide’s Finest team felt a collective sense of pride when its much-loved founder Nick “Mr Nick” Chapley received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Congratulations to Nick “Mr Nick” Chapley who received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) at Government House last week, a truly deserving recognition for a significant lifetime contribution. 

The OAM recognised the achievements of Mr Nick Chapley who has developed and pioneered innovative, world-leading gourmet supermarkets. It also paid tribute to his philanthropic support of marginalised youth and local community. 

This is an extraordinary honour for a Greek immigrant of very humble beginnings.

“I have done what I love all my life with the backing of my family and friends – and this honour owes as much to their support and encouragement,” Mr Nick said.

Mr Nick was born in 1934 on the Greek island of Ikaria, migrated in 1949 arriving in Australia after World War 2.  Having fled Greece in a small boat and endured near starvation in refugee camps.

In 1951, Mr Nick’s father, Spero created the family’s business partnership – a small café in the NSW. Nick Chapley started his working life at 14, working in the café and it was here that he soon carved out clear vision and values.

“I would say that it was here during this time running the cafe business where my father has and holds his most vivid memories. It really seems he created and connected his sense of purpose, through business, to a higher cause. Not forgetting he was a young teenager at the time,” Nick’s son Spero Chapley says. 

Today, Mr Nick’s business interests including Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets directly employ more than 1000 people and support some 500 suppliers – overwhelmingly local.

Spero Chapley said his father’s business success was created through hard work, clarity of purpose, and an entrepreneurial and community-minded ethos. 

A key ethos of the family business is to make a positive and enduring impact on community wellbeing. Mr Nick and Spero set up Youth Inc in 2006.  Youth Inc is an alternative and independent, secondary school designed specifically for young people who are looking for an alternative to conventional education.

Mr Nick is constantly keen to reflect and share the value of learning and education. 

“I always remind my family and friends, if success is not shared, then it’s not worth having” Mr Nick says.

Congratulations Mr Nick, OAM!

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