Celebrating aged care workers on Aged Care Employee Day

ECH Chief Executive Claire Scapinello
As Aged Care Employee Day is celebrated today, it provides an excellent opportunity to shift the conversation about aged care and the vital roles aged carers play.

WORDS: ECH Chief Executive Claire Scapinello

While the Aged Care Royal Commission has dominated media attention in recent years, it’s essential to recognise that aged care extends beyond nursing homes and residential aged care facilities. We hope to shed light on the diverse and crucial responsibilities of aged care workers and the focus on individual needs at different stages of life rather than just age.

A multifaceted landscape of aged care

In today’s aged care sector, dedicated professionals, including registered nurses, chefs, lifestyle advisors, and personal carers, contribute significantly to the well-being of older Australians. However, it’s time to explore the broad spectrum of aged care services available beyond the confines of nursing homes and residential aged care facilities.

A paradigm shift is required in our approach to ageing – moving away from solely focusing on age and towards recognising the significance of different stages in an individual’s journey. Older people deserve tailored support and lifestyle adjustments that cater to their specific needs, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

Supporting ageing in the comfort of home

Numerous older Australians express a strong desire to age in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Recognising this preference, innovative home care providers like ECH aim to meet these needs. The dedicated staff at ECH deliver an array of services that enable clients to continue living their best lives while remaining in their homes.

The range of services offered by home care providers goes well beyond traditional nursing home care. For clients with a Home Care Package, personalised daily assistance, including medication management and mealtime support, is provided. For those requiring less help, the staff assists with household tasks, gardening, shopping, minor maintenance, and even social outings, enhancing their quality of life.

Embracing the future of aged care

On Aged Care Employee Day, it is crucial to recognise and express gratitude to home care support workers and residential aged carers alike. Their tireless dedication ensures the well-being and happiness of older Australians across various stages of life.

While traditional residential aged care will always be essential for certain individuals, the future of aged care lies in supporting people in their homes as they age. Home care providers, like ECH, are committed to this vision and understand that each client’s journey is unique and requires personalised attention.

As we celebrate Aged Care Employee Day, let us shift our perspective on aged care and appreciate the diversity of services and the unwavering dedication of all aged care workers. By focusing on stages rather than age, we can truly support older Australians in living fulfilling lives as they age gracefully in the comfort of their homes. It’s time to embrace the future of aged care, where individual needs and preferences take center stage.



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