Stepping into the world of Early Learning with Hessel Group

There's nothing quite like embracing challenges head-on, persevering through unexpected obstacles, and emerging on the other side with a transformed career, outlook on life, an expanded network and valuable skills. Not to mention nationally recognised qualifications.

This summarises Seena’s transition to a new career as an Educator in Early Learning.

Watching her daughter-in-law flourish in her career as an Educator ignited a spark in Seena, aged 63. In search of her next professional challenge, her path led her to the world of Early Learning. With two young grandchildren attending Hessel Children’s Centre in Port Adelaide, she seized the opportunity to explore this newfound interest, speaking with Centre Director, Hana Simes, who directed her to Enhance Training RTO 40387 and Hessel GTO to explore courses and traineeship opportunities to become an Educator.

This traineeship was a golden opportunity for Seena, as it allowed her to study while working part-time at the centre. The traineeship provided Seena with the unique advantage of earning while learning, all the while benefiting from the support of her trainer, colleagues, and Field Officer, Bernie Crafter, who played an integral role in her journey.

Hana Simes, Hessel Children’s Centre Director, expressed her admiration for Seena’s contributions, saying, “Seena has made incredible connections with families and children. She brings her extensive life skills and knowledge to her role.”

Throughout her traineeship, Seena received regular check-ins to ensure her progress and comfort. This support system created an environment where any challenges could be addressed and resolved, promoting positive outcomes.

Seena’s transformation from a mother and grandmother to a skilled and qualified Educator serves as an example of what can be achieved with dedication and a willingness to embrace change. She has not only enriched the Hessel Children’s Centre with her presence but has also contributed positively to the Early Learning sector as a whole.

If you’re interested in pursuing a flexible and rewarding career like Seena’s, explore Enhance Training RTO 40387 courses that can equip you with the skills and confidence to thrive in the Early Learning industry.

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