Shades of grey: Transitioning to grey hair

FIFTY+SA spoke to award-winning colourist and salon owner Damian Rinaldo from Boris to give us the lowdown on going grey.

Are you rethinking your hair care routine and wondering how to ditch the dye and go grey with grace? With A-listers like Andie Macdowell, Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren leading the charge by embracing their various shades of silver and salt and pepper strands—contributing to a seismic shift in the traditionally youth obsessed beauty culture—we asked award-winning colourist and salon owner Damian Rinaldo from Boris to give us the lowdown on going grey.

Transitioning to grey hair is a different journey for everybody and Damian says for most clients it’s just a question of whether they are ready for the transition or not. 

“We always get asked questions like ‘will going grey suit me?’ but I can honestly say I’ve never done anyone’s hair that has gone grey and had it not suit them.” 

Whether it’s not having the time or money for constant touch ups, Damian says embracing your greys can absolutely be a question of practicality, but grey hair is also no longer the hallmark of old age that it used to be. With standards of fashion changing, this is a new age trend both men and women are looking to as a statement of independence and confidence. 

“The only person that can make the decision about going grey is you” Damian told us, “it’s no different a principle than going from blonde to dark or from dark to blonde, it’s a process, and it’s a statement!”

If you’re thinking because you’ve gone grey, you can no longer have fun with colour, think again. In the past, limitations in professional colouring meant stylists weren’t able to create grey shades and tones, but with the increase in tools, products and colour technology, there are more ways than ever to create bespoke levels of fashion-oriented grey hair. 

“Because we are working with a different base level, so many of our grey clients now still have some sort of colour done. Grey can be enhanced with lowlighting or highlighting, or a different gloss colour. All these things make it much more maintainable and bespoke.” 

With the swathe of powerful and inspirational women in the public eye choosing to go au naturel and letting their real colour shine through, grey is the colour of the moment! Now might just be the time to be bold, be seen, and wear your grey hair with pride.


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