Adelaide Fringe Review: Best of the Best

FIFTY+SA Reviewer, Anastasia Vento, reviews the showcase of the hottest acts across Adelaide Fringe that is Best of the Best presented by Showmen Productions.

Best of the Best is hosted by the dazzling MC superstar, Tash York, who you may recognise from an array of other fabulous Fringe shows, in particular, Tash York: Love that for you! York takes you through a gripping, 60-minute show that showcases the best of the best Adelaide Fringe acts, including circus, magic and cabaret. There’s a different headlining act each night, handpicked from extraordinary shows across the Fringe.

York opened with a powerful number: ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner, adding her own comedic flare and flavour. Her vocals were flawless and during her performance, she hyped up the crowd, ready for an hour of entertainment.

We were introduced to Chris Turner, a British comedian and freestyle rapper who gave us a taste of his show Childish. He asked the audience for some topics to rap about. Hands flew up and topics such as skydiving, colonoscopies and Liverpool were suggested. And so, with these topics in mind, Turner delivered an impeccable, on-the-spot rap that had everyone laughing and cheering along. It was utterly impressive.

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Basketball performer, Bavo Freestyles, amazed us with his insane juggling skills. At one stage he twirled a basketball on the end of a walking stick. He ended up with four basketballs and juggled them in every direction unimaginable. People called for him to juggle a fifth, which he did, earning him lots of cheer!

There was a striking hula hoop performance – this act was very exciting; the performer spun numerous hoops all over her body, sometimes at the same time! Flynn V also took the stage with a compelling burlesque routine. He’s an impeccable dancer and entertainer who had the crowd in awe from beginning to end.

Richard Sullivan who’s an Australian juggler, effortlessly juggled four pins at once, adding a fifth, which got people making lots of noise! And to conclude the show, we saw a comedy act, who had everyone in hysterics. Like Turner, he incorporated music and vocals into his performance, as well as audience participation.

Best of the Best is a highly entertaining and fast-paced show, hosted by the fabulous Tash York, who hilariously connected with the crowd and impressed many with her humour and stunning vocals. If you like a little variety, then this is a great show for you. Catch it until Sunday 17 March at The Virago at Gluttony – Rymill Park.

Hero image credit: @bestofthebestvariety

Best of the Best

until Sunday 17th of March

The Virago, Gluttony

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