Adelaide Fringe Review: Brilliant Bubbles

FIFTY+SA Arts Reviewer, David Jobling, reviews one for the grandkids, Brilliant Bubbles, presented by Head First Acrobats at Adelaide Fringe.

This is a very well rounded show, let’s face it, finding something entertaining for kids is no easy task. So it was a real pleasure to catch Brilliant Bubbles with my own 30 year old son, his 29 year old wife and their two kids – my six and two year old grandsons; all four of them were captivated by the entertaining Dr Hubble (Shep Huntly) as he demonstrated how truly brilliant he is at producing bubbles of every form.

Dr Hubble is an intelligent and generous character who engages his audience with relatable information about the fragility of bubbles, linking them with ideas such as recycling and working together to keep precious things alive, but fear not, he never sounds like he is preaching. In fact, the only actual advice he offers is a magnificent bubble recipe which can be accessed via his website.

Performer Shep Huntly’s decades of producing innovative circus acts makes him confident and relaxed in front of a family audience, with aplomb he delivers a range of puns that are fun for all ages. In fact, his show had my adult kids so engaged they hardly noticed their own kids join the growing group of other toddlers and tiny tots amassing down the front in sheer adoration of the spectacle.

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Delights such as square smoke-filled bubbles, gigantic wobbling bubbles and a bubble big enough to completely encase a four year old member of the audience are highlights. The soundtrack is a fine blast of pop music. The lighting design enhances visually awesome moments and every audience member gets a great view due to all the action taking place on a raised stage.

Brilliant Bubbles is a simple but highly entertaining experience that was discussed in great detail all the way home and then some. Accolades to Dr Hubble cannot be blown out of proportion, his Brilliant Bubbles is genius.

Brilliant Bubbles is on weekends across the Adelaide Fringe, with all shows at 11am. Performances are held at The Vault (Fool’s Paradise, Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga).

Brilliant Bubbles

until Sunday March 17

The Vault, Fool’s Paradise

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