Adelaide Fringe Review: In Pour Taste

Adelaide Fringe Review: In Pour Taste
FIFTY+SA Arts Reviewer, Dave Bradley, shares what he can remember from the comedy wine tasting experience, In Pour Taste, at Adelaide Fringe.

Sweeney Preston and Ethan Cavanagh host this light-headed show alongside wine expert Henry Doyle, and it certainly goes without saying that the three of them are the soberest guys in the room after the 90ish minute running time has elapsed.

The BankSA Theatre was set up with tables, chairs and air-con (mercifully!), and after Sweeney met us at the door, the show got underway in all its high-spirited glory. Freely structured around five wine tastings (quite large ones in some cases), audience participation, musical accompaniment (New Order, Neil Diamond, The Wiggles, and so on), mockery of ‘wine wankers’, and celebratory love for all things wine-y, this began with cool humour but, understandably, became ruder and rowdier as it went along.

With Doyle explaining the stories behind the Pinot Grigios, Kangaroo Island Stoke Wines, and the rest, Sweeney and Ethan derived big laughs from a ‘bullshit bell’, and running through the five exclamations one makes after sipping, starting with (what else?), “Mmmmm!” And thorny questions are answered: What is a tannin? Can you mix red and white wine? And… um… other shhttuff.

Anyway, um, it wash a luverly night out, and I really learned lotsh, even if I can’t, um, remember mush of it… you know… now.


Image credit: Nick Robertson

In Pour Taste: A Comedy Wine Tasting Experience

until Sunday 17tb of March

BankSA Theatre, Gluttony


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