Adelaide Fringe Review: Still Dry White

FIFTY+SA Arts Reviewer, Dave Bradley, reviews the driest show at Adelaide Fringe, Nick Schuller's Still Dry White.

Melbournian Nick Schuller’s show is called Still Dry White for a reason, and it was apparent right from the word go. Indeed, given that the night outside The Howling Owl was so damn hot, it’s surprising that Nick didn’t shrivel up and blow away.

After a pleasing 10-or-so minute support spot by Luka Muller (in town with his own Adelaide Fringe show too), Nick emerged and immediately demonstrated that he was something almost jarringly different. Speaking in a not-quite-monotone Aussie-ish-drawl, Nick tried hard to seem flat and emotionless to our preview crowd, but he did occasionally crack a smile. He just couldn’t help himself.

There were some elaborate comic anecdotes to start with about Tinder, Genghis Kahn, and subtly comparing golf to sex (I think), but when things got a bit too intellectual or convoluted Nick switched to quick gags supposedly read from a small notebook. And all he needed was a ‘B-DOOM CHHHH!!!’ after each one.

Once the audience got into the Schuller-ian groove, there was plenty of laughter, and even a gasp or two as he lurched into comic swipes at The Bible and predatory Catholic priests. He also managed a clever running joke about pretending (?) that anything that didn’t work (or was too tasteless) would be eliminated from the show when he started playing to paying audiences.

All in all, a winningly peculiar performance, and so damn dry that even the moist bits were dry.

Still Dry White

until Saturday 24th of February

The Howling Owl, Adelaide

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