Meet Adelaide creative duo, Bird Circus

Photo: David Sievers
Cumberland Park couple Amanda and Eden Cartwright are behind the creative studio, Bird Circus. As well as working in graphic design and illustration, the duo has just launched a line of greeting cards with an eco focus. We chatted to them about all things design.

Please tell us the inspiration behind your business’s name.

Amanda: Eden is an avid birdwatcher, and when we met, his love of birds was contagious. 

Nine years ago, when our daughter was born and we were outgrowing our house, we built a beautiful home studio, looking out onto our backyard. 

We encourage lots of birds into the yard with native plants and water bowls, and we are very lucky to be visited by a variety of beautiful birds. 

Watching them can be mesmerising and it’s almost like they are performing for us. It can be very acrobatic at times. Hence the name, Bird Circus! 

Gift set of Australian birds cards by Bird Circus, quality cards

Along with your graphic design and illustration work, you recently unveiled your own greeting cards. What makes them unique? 

Amanda: Eden has been drawing birds since he was a young child and has never stopped. He is always creating beautiful drawings for his own enjoyment, as well as for clients, and turning them into a range of cards was a natural progression. 

Earlier this year, we released three card sets, which are all nature-based and come in sets of four. They include Australian parrots, marine species, and Australian fauna with their young. 

Eden also has a degree in environmental science and is very passionate about the environment and conservation. So, we have included a ‘did you know’ fact on the back of each card about the animal featured. 

This makes the cards unique as we are also providing a fun, informative fact about what makes each of these animals so special and amazing. 

You’re keen birdwatchers too. Any interesting places you’ve done this and your tips for spotting birds?

Eden: We’ve visited some amazing and varying habitats to birdwatch over the years. Some of our favourite areas in Australia include Danggali Conservation Park [SA], Hattah-Kulkyne National Park [in Victoria], Springbrook National Park [Queensland], and the Grampians. 

Some of the memorable and rarer birds we’ve seen include the Australasian bittern, grey falcon, and orange-bellied parrot. 

Memorable sightings overseas have been the secretary bird in Tanzania, puffins in the Shetland Islands, and the northern royal albatross and saddleback in New Zealand. 

Some tips for successful birdwatching are to move slowly and quietly, or even standing still in various spots for a few minutes at a time, and wearing neutral-coloured or low-contrasting clothes.

Amanda, you’re 44, and Eden’s 57. How does the age gap enrich your partnership?

Amanda: I get to hear all the popular culture of the 1960s and 1970s!

Eden: I’m kept young.

When you’re not creating or birdwatching, what keeps you busy?

Amanda: We love hiking, kayaking, and getting out into nature. We also have a very active nine-year-old, who keeps us very busy. We love going to the beach and building sandcastles together, finishing off with a delicious ice cream, of course. 

We’re also partial to scooter-riding and rollerblading; Eden prefers the more retro option of roller-skating.


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