Fleurieu Milk Company’s sustainable solution

Fleaurieu Milk Company's Milk on Tap in glass bottles
In a bid to combat plastic waste, Fleurieu Milk Company is winding back the clock, and bringing back milk in glass bottles.

That’s right, the much-loved farm fresh product is now available on tap from a growing number of markets, cafes and supermarkets around South Australia.

“We have for quite a few years been trying to work out a way to bring back the glass bottle and create a more sustainable way of processing,” says Fleurieu Milk Company General Manager, Nick Hutchinson.

“You hear a lot of stories about how families used to have glass milk bottles delivered, and the glass milk bottles for breakfast at school, but obviously the world moves forward,” Nick says.

“Glass is risky and thorough processes must be in place. Putting glass through our current processing plant creates a risk of physical contamination. That’s why when we discovered The Udder Way, our ears pricked up pretty quickly!”

From protecting the clean, green and pristine farmland on the Fleurieu Peninsula where our cows graze, to simple choices we can make at home to lessen our impact on the world around us – conservation of our environment is something we as a business and as community members, are committed to.

Fleurieu Milk Company General Manager, Nick Hutchinson

The Udder Way is a small, innovative Tasmanian company, whose 18L kegs can safely store and dispense Fleurieu Milk. Thanks to a new partnership with The Udder Way, and numerous suppliers who are embracing this exciting new way of sharing Fleurieu Milk, customers can now enjoy Fleurieu Milk Company’s delicious product in refillable one-litre glass bottles.

Fleurieu Milk Company is proud as punch to offer a new solution to customers looking to reduce their environmental footprint and the amount of plastics they bring into their home. Did you know, one plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to break down? However, through this game-changing new refillable milk bottle program, one 18-litre keg of milk will eliminate nine two-litre plastic bottles. And, over the lifetime of one keg, Fleurieu Milk customers will eliminate the need for 7000 single use plastic bottles (around 300 kg worth)! So that’s less energy and fossil fuels going toward manufacturing plastic, and less plastic ending up in landfill and in our oceans.

Fleaurieu Milk Company's Milk on Tap in glass bottles

Bottles can be refilled at the Willunga Farmers’ Market, Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market and the Central Markets, Fleurieu Milk’s factory door, selected Drakes supermarkets, and a growing list of suppliers across Adelaide and greater South Australia. 

How does Fleurieu Milk’s Milk on Tap work?

  1. Make a one-off purchase of an approved one-litre glass bottle at one of our supply points.
  2. Fill it up with the Fleurieu Milk you know and love, available on tap.
  3. Go home and enjoy your farm-fresh milk.
  4. Wash the bottle once empty.
  5. Bring it back into your local supplier, and repeat!


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