House of Health Collective: A legacy of passion and organic living

Nestled within the vibrant Adelaide Central Markets, lies a collaborative venture that embodies the values of sustainability, accessibility, and zero waste living.

This venture, known as the House of Health Collective, is the result of a serendipitous union between Central Organic and House of Health, driven by a shared vision to champion certified organic produce and promote a plastic-free lifestyle.

The story of House of Health Collective traces back to its founder, Stephan Oulianoff, whose journey began far away in war-torn Europe. Stephan’s early years were marked by the absence of a traditional education. However, his unwavering determination, coupled with the support of good friends, led him to Australia.

“I have lived a good life because my wife, Maria, and I were able to live and work our passion,” Stephan reminisces. “I feel if you live with passion, it is incredibly important for a good life.”

Central Organic, the brainchild of Stephan and Maria, initially served as the platform for their organic living aspirations. Over time, ownership transitioned to their sons, Alex and Stephan Jr. Simultaneously, the neighbouring House of Health, owned by Chester and Robert Frank, shared a similar vision and commitment to sustainability. Recognizing their common goals, it became evident that a merger was the logical next step.

The House of Health Collective emerged as a manifestation of their shared ideals, offering a wide array of bulk food selections, certified organic produce, and thoughtfully curated lifestyle products that facilitate the transition toward a zero waste lifestyle. The collective’s unwavering dedication to accessibility is reflected in their commitment to keeping prices as low as possible, ensuring that their produce is available to as many people as possible.

“I have been fortunate to see generations of traders in the market over my time. Like I have with my children I have seen parents and families passing on their craft to the next generation of traders and customers.”, said Stephan.

While the House of Health Collective has expanded beyond the walls of the Adelaide Central Market to include a location in Norwood, its essence remains deeply rooted in the original market stalls. These stalls were once owned by the parents of the current owners—Maria and Stephan Oulianoff of Central Organic, and Robert and Angela Frank of House of Health.

Celebrating a remarkable milestone birthday at the age of 90, Stephan Oulianoff exudes humility and gratitude for his vibrant health. He still works at the shop every trading day, relishing the opportunity to engage with customers and meet the growers and suppliers. Observing his children’s growth and dedication to the business fills him with immense pride, knowing that the House of Health Collective has fostered a close-knit community among its staff, customers, and business partners.

“I always tell people who ask that the most important thing in life is to live with passion,” Stephan shares, offering wisdom to younger generations. “I am fortunate that I have been able to work every day doing what I am passionate about. I also think it is important to try and eat good food, it is a lot harder now than it was when I was growing up, but the market is a great place to come to get fresh healthy produce.”

For Stephan, his favourite product at the House of Health Collective is the nut butters he personally crafts. Made solely from pure nuts, without any additives like oils, salts, sugars, or preservatives, these nut butters have garnered popularity among customers. Stephan takes pride in assisting customers as they fill their own containers, fostering a sense of connection and sustainability.

Beyond individual products, Stephan’s true source of pride lies in the House of Health Collective’s status as the longest-running certified organic produce retailer. For him and his late wife, Maria, this business has been their life’s work, beginning with the market gardens and later continuing with Central Organic. Even as the legacy has merged into the collective, the shared commitment to upholding the integrity of the produce remains a top priority. Stephan and his fellow owners work tirelessly to preserve and enhance this legacy, ensuring that customers have continued access to high-quality, reasonably priced certified organic produce.

When asked about the best part of working at the Adelaide Central Market, Stephan emphasises the independence enjoyed by the traders. Each trader possesses a deep passion for their craft and product, allowing them to tell stories and educate customers about their offerings. Stephan fondly recalls that this sense of service and connection is reminiscent of his childhood, and he cherishes the strong bonds formed within the market’s community.

Throughout his years in the market, Stephan has been fortunate to witness the passage of generations among traders and customers alike. The market’s evolution has been marked by the infusion of diverse cultures and their unique products, constantly introducing new flavours and practices. Stephan delights in trying these new offerings and believes it is vital to share these experiences and stories to keep the market vibrant and dynamic. Every week, the House of Health Collective sees new products come in, and the customers revel in the freshness and variety they offer.

As the House of Health Collective continues to thrive, it remains a testament to the power of passion, community, and sustainable living. Stephan Oulianoff’s journey, shaped by his unwavering dedication and commitment to organic living, serves as an inspiration to younger generations. By following his example and embracing a life driven by passion, the House of Health Collective’s legacy will endure, ensuring that customers and communities alike have access to wholesome, organic produce and a pathway to a more sustainable future.

House of Health Collective

Stall 72-75, Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide


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