How to start meal planning with Meat at The Mount

A new year has rolled around again and with it comes our usual healthy intentions to eat better and move more. FIFTY+SA have you covered to help keep your healthy eating intentions by meal planning with Meat at The Mount.

We all know preparation is key when it comes to maintaining our healthy intentions. There are plenty of ways you can prepare – one way could be to schedule in a walk with a friend to help meet your physical activity goals, or give yourself a time to turn off the TV in the evening to make sure you’re meeting your sleep needs.

Another way is meal planning. We’ve found meal planning one of the best ways to increase our intake of vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. And we are not talking about just having chicken, broccoli and brown rice in plastic containers for every meal – but go right ahead if you want to!

Meal planning simply means thinking about what you’re going to eat in advance – it is to make a plan about what to eat. Whether you plan all your meals or just dinners, it’s up to you. We’ve found it helps us eat balanced meals and to get the most out of our groceries, so nothing ends up wasted and in our green bins.

To help us meal plan successfully we get our meat, vegetables, fruit and more delivered straight to our door. And the best service we’ve found to do that is Meat at The Mount.

Meat at The Mount ready to cook Roast Lamb is perfect for meal planning with up to 5 serves.

Meat at The Mount food delivery service

Meat at The Mount is a food delivery service helping people across Adelaide to meal plan better, and ultimately help them eat healthier meals. It’s a family owned business based in the Fleurieu Peninsula, where all of their lamb, beef and chicken is raised in the fresh, open air.

A farming family for generations, they have a deep respect for the land. They believe in ethical and sustainable farming practices. They aim to minimise their impact in every way possible to ensure the land will be there for future generations.

This expertise along with the local nature of the business means their meat is fresh, flavoursome and tender, every time.

Our top meal planning tips:

  • Peruse your favourite recipe books and magazines for inspiration and tag pages with sticky notes for when you need the recipes
  • Write a list of meals for the week – it’s best to start small and work your way up, plan 1-3 dinners the first few weeks
  • Write a list of the ingredients you need
  • Hop online and order what you need! (Note: if you’re using curated and seasonal subscription boxes your meal planning might look a little different)
  • Enjoy your supermarket free time, your groceries will be delivered straight to your door

Level up with a subscription box

To level up you’re meal planning, they even offer a subscription box. Meaning you can order once and then set a weekly, fortnightly or monthly regular delivery. The boxes are curated, taking the hassle out of it even more. But if you love to have the freedom to choose like us, you’re able to do that too.

While you’re at it, you can add your fruits and vegetables to your order. The Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Box or a Big Salad Box is probably the easiest way to go, but you are able to select your individual fruits and vegetables as well.

Other items to add to cart include dairy and eggs, condiments and Australian Oats. It’s possible to meal plan an entire weeks worth of meals online with Meat at The Mount.

Meat at The Mount


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