Pride of Place with Chef Kane Pollard

Provenance and passion come to the fore at 'Place'

WORDS: Mandy Hall, Food Editor

I’m sitting at my keyboard with Diana Ross’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough playing in my head, and have one thing on my mind – Chef Kane Pollard’s soon to be launched new venture, “Place”. Dining events that showcase provenance, seasonality, and sustainability, Place is clearly a passion project for this highly respected Chef, he and Adele Pollard have been working on for some time. And this man of firsts has done it yet again. Because Place is indeed a restaurant of No Fixed Address. Rather, it can be set up in any location, offering a unique, unrestricted and unforgettable dining experience that can be tailored to any setting. 

Chef Pollard boasts an impressive pedigree, having headed up some of the state’s most iconic restaurants, and also managing his own bricks-and-mortar Adelaide favourite, Topiary. A supporter of using local and seasonal ingredients, Place sees Kane taking this passion to a new level, showcasing the essence of each location and delivering its heart and soul in an unforgettable meal. 

A defining feature of ‘Place’ is its mobility. The experience can be transported anywhere, from a remote beach or forest to a bustling city centre. This flexibility allows Kane and his team to create bespoke events & menus that are customised to the surroundings. For example, in a vineyard setting, Kane and his team might create a menu incorporating the flavours of specific grape varieties and the terroir. On the coast, the focus would shift to sourcing locally caught seafood and native coastal herbs. And given their long-held knowledge of the natural world around us, the Place team also delivers foraging and dining events that give the ultimate in deep food connection. 

Another aspect that sets these special Place events apart is the commitment to sustainability. Kane has long been an active champion of producers. He not only works closely with local farmers and growers to source the highest quality ingredients, but also prioritises the use of produce that has minimal impact on the environment. That commitment and understanding of the effort it takes to grow and create delicious food sees Kane strive to minimise waste, using every part of the ingredients he sources. 

The result of Kane’s dedication is an immersive and rewarding dining experience that is also ethically responsible. Guests can devour everything before them knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable food system. 

But it’s not only the food that makes ‘Place’ special. The equally talented Adele, will help lead the team, working hard to create a full sensory exploration for their guests, carefully curating each new setup with attention paid to every detail, from the table settings to the music. The result will be quite exhilarating and truly unique. 

There’s no doubt that ‘Place’ events will garner attention from foodies and industry insiders alike. Its approach will resonate with people looking for something more than a traditional restaurant experience. With the ability to locate anywhere, ‘Place’ events offer unparalleled flexibility and customisation.

For Kane, Topiary remains and will continue its unique and well-loved presence in South Australia. ‘Place’ is not simply a new business venture but an inventive new addition to the Pollard stable, another way for this devoted chef to share his deep passion for food and provenance with an audience keen to enjoy it. 

If you’re looking for a food affair that is truly unforgettable, keep a look out for ‘Place’. With its commitment to provenance, seasonality, and sustainability, along with its ability to deliver an unforgettable food experience anywhere, it’s sure to provide a moment in time you’ll want to revisit again and again.

For those of you that entertain or are event organisers, keep your eyes peeled for an impression extension of this new venture, “Your Place”. A unique catering offering that will ensure no one misses out of that Pollard magic!

I’ll leave you with the gift of a recipe from a morning strolling in the forest with this very genuine South Australian chef, may it warm, inspire and give you just a hint of all that’s possible when you’re in the right place.

Forest Floor Tea

Serves: 4 cups


For the Pine Needle oil

50g washed green pine needles

300g grape seed or canola oil

For the Tea

50g forest floor pine needles

1 litre water

5g dried porcini or slippery jack mushrooms

5g salt

4 sprigs of fresh green pine needles, washed


For the Pine Needle Oil

1. Place the washed green pine needles in a food processor with the oil, blitz on high speed for 10 minutes

2. Once the oil has turned green, strain through filter paper or muslin cloth. Allow to settle and cool in the fridge

For the Tea

1. Thoroughly wash the brown pine needles, then steam above boiling water for 15 minutes

2. Dry the pine needles right out in your oven on it’s lowest setting, or in a de-hydratotor

3. Bring the water up to the boil in a pot, making sure there’s room to add the other ingredients

4. Once the water is up to the boil, turn the heat off and carefully add the dried brown pine needles, dried mushrooms and salt. Allow to steep for 5 minutes

5. Serve poured over a sprig of fresh pine needles, finish with a few drops of the pine needle oil



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