In conversation with Jessica Packer owner of Willy’s

Willy's has recently opened its doors on King William Road, the wine bar is the perfect addition to the shopping and dining precinct.

King William Road has long been missing a wine bar, now locals have the perfect spot for after work drinks during the week or long catch ups with friends over the weekend. With an extensive wine list and light nibbles to accompany, Willy’s is the perfect relaxed spot.

Jessica and Darren Packer

We spoke to owner, Jessica Packer, about what to expect at Willy’s.

Can you tell me about the name Willy’s?

Well its about the location, King William Road, King Willy Road. We thought “we’re going to Willy’s” sounded good and catchy, and we do have a son called William… he thinks it’s named after him.

There is also the famous “Willies Wine Bar” in Paris that we drew inspiration for the name from.

KWR has long been missing a wine bar like Willy’s, what made you choose this spot?

It’s a great location! Within walking distance to some fabulous restaurants. We thought the street could do with somewhere people could pop in and have a casual drink before or after dinner, or even after an afternoon shop! Willy’s is even a location for a drink and casual dinner; we think it’s a great date night spot.

You’ve got a trio of shops in Duthy St, can you tell me about the step to open Willy’s?

We know a number of restaurateurs on the street, they hinted to us that somewhere casual for a drink would go well and suit the area.

Can you tell me about your wine list and other alcohol offerings?

We are so fortunate in South Australian to have some of the best wines located on our doorstep. We started wanting to showcase these and it just went on from there. We have also had fantastic guidance from a number of friends in the wine industry. We’re happy to offer what we feel the locals are looking for.

Any signature cocktails we should expect?

Oh that’s a hard one to pick… we do love the classics like an Amaretto or a Gin Sour.

What is the food offering ike?

We didn’t want to offer a huge amount, we wanted to offer a light meal or a snack that goes with wine. We offer a variety of nibbles from cheese board and antipasto to a thin German pizzas called ‘Flammekueche’. We have a following for our traditional Chicken Sandwich, like my grandma used to make! As well as the hit staple, Willy’s special nuts.

And we are currently working on offering a dessert board with fortified wines to match.

What is the vibe or feel you’re hoping to create at Willy’s?

We’re after a mature audience that appreciate a relaxed and comfortable environment to enjoy great wines, cocktail and nibbles.

How has the response from the locals been since the opening of Willy’s?

We have had an amazing response from the locals around Willy’s. They have embraced and appreciated the venue and keep coming back.


96 King William Road, Goodwood


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