Spilling the beans on local coffee roasters

In a world where coffee has become more than just a beverage but a daily ritual, the art of coffee roasting has taken centre stage.

Beyond the convenience of a quick caffeine fix, there exists a thriving subculture of passionate artisans dedicated to perfecting the coffee experience. 

These unsung heroes of the coffee world are your local coffee roasters, masters of a craft that combines quality, flavour, and aroma. Join us as we spill the beans on the best neighbourhood coffee roasters and their commitment to brewing excellence right on your doorstep.


When it comes to roasting, Hark! specialises in the dark arts. While the city has been brewing the trend of golden, slightly acidic espresso shots from lighter roasts, Hark! takes a different path, curating a selection that resonates with the deeper, more complex flavours of tobacco, cacao, and caramel.

Operating primarily as a wholesaler, Hark! meticulously sources its coffee beans from the lush regions of Brazil, Peru, and Papua New Guinea. Renowned for nurturing personal relationships with coffee farmers, this approach ensures not only the finest quality but also the ethical and sustainable cultivation of their beans. Hark! also boasts an espresso bar and kitchen for those who appreciate coffee on-site.


b3 Coffee

The team at b3 are passionate about great tasting coffee and carefully source their beans from some of the best growers across the world. 

Roasting in small batches, b3 aims to bring out the best attributes in every cup. In fact, every week, their dedicated roasters meet for a coffee cupping to discuss upcoming roasts and beans they will have on offer. Coffee cupping is an industry-standard practice and is one of the ways roasters monitor and maintain quality in each batch. 

Visit their Blackwood cafe to enjoy a cup of their coffee or buy some beans to take home. 


Dawn Patrol

Starting out in Kangarilla, today Dawn Patrol operates from its permanent headquarters in one of the state’s finest wine regions, the McLaren Vale. Their unique approach to coffee centres around a cellar door experience, driven by a genuine passion for coffee. Visitors to their cellar door can explore a wide range of coffee offerings and dive deep into the world of a full-bodied brew.

Dawn Patrol’s commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous tracking of bean origins, from growers to processing methods. They go to great lengths to source, roast, and deliver exceptional, premium coffees, ensuring they support ethical and sustainable practices among some of the world’s best coffee growers.


Faithful Hound Coffee

In Adelaide’s western suburbs, Faithful Hound Coffee takes pride in its locally roasted coffee beans, delivering a full bodied coffee experience to the community. 

Faithful Hound offers two distinct coffee bean blends, each carefully crafted in small batches using premium, high-grade beans. Whether you’re an espresso aficionado, a French press enthusiast, or a devotee of stove-top brewing methods, their blends are designed to elevate your coffee experience. And if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be pleased to know Faithful Hound Coffee donate 10% of the profits to Australian dog rescue shelters.


De Groot Coffee Co.

De Groot Coffee Co. is a family-owned coffee roastery in Port Elliot who like to keep things simple and make, roast and brew really good coffee.

De Groot Coffee Co. prioritise the bean, the brew, and their customers. Focusing on single-origin coffee, they take a thoughtful approach without being overly preoccupied with global specialty coffee trends. 


Arrosto Coffee

Arrosto Coffee transformed the old Renmark Fire Station into a vibrant cafe and roastery allowing customers to enjoy the unique experience of tasting coffee straight from the roastery. 

The team have roasters from premium Turkish manufacturers to help with producing multi-award winning blends and single origins at both national and international level. Branching out into different flavours, they have produced a Cold Drip Concentrate for use in anything from iced coffees to Espresso Martinis – The Concentrate has proved so popular they can barely keep up with demand. Keeping it local, the team has also reached out to producers Woolshed Brewery to collaborate on specialty offerings from Coffee Stout to Firewater Coffee liqueur. 


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