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Associate Professor Peter Psaltis
Discover the groundbreaking research happening at SAHMRI, South Australia's leading health and medical research institute. Support their life-changing work by making a donation today.

You probably know SAHMRI – South Australia’s independent not-for-profit health and medical research institute — it’s the stunning “Cheesegrater” building on North Terrace.

But do you know what the most amazing thing about this architectural masterpiece is? It’s the hundreds of world-leading researchers working every day to overcome the most common health conditions that affect us all.

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, diabetes, mental health, arthritis, chronic pain, and more – SAHMRI’s researchers are dedicated to discoveries that improve health and health care on all of these fronts.

For SAHMRI, collaboration is the key to progress, with researchers learning from and supporting each other. These dynamic collaborations extend beyond SAHMRI, connecting with other leading research organisations across Adelaide, Australia and the globe.

Read more about how the brilliant minds at our own independent, world-class research institute are working hard to help everyone not just live longer but live better, too.

Searching for the secrets to lifelong health

Lifelong Health is SAHMRI’s biggest theme and its many researchers are searching for ways to prevent and treat a long list of chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain, as well as improving mental health and wellbeing.

Associate Professor Peter Psaltis is a Co-Leader of the theme and a consultant cardiologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He’s dedicating his career to performing clinical research that delivers better outcomes for the people he treats now, and a better future for the untold numbers of Australians who face cardiovascular health challenges.

His research group investigates the build-up of cholesterol-rich, fatty plaques in arteries throughout a
person’s life. These plaques can lead to blockages that cause heart attacks and strokes, two of the leading causes of death and disability in Australia and worldwide. Researchers can develop more effective treatments to prevent their growth and the subsequent devastating health consequences by
better understanding the reasons behind plaque formation and progression.

One standout discovery made by Peter’s team includes the benefits of rapidly reducing a patient’s LDL (or bad cholesterol levels) after a heart attack using novel drugs now available in Australia. Another significant contribution is the demonstration of the effectiveness of colchicine, an ancient gout medicine, in targeting inflammation and stabilising plaque growth.

The vision for Lifelong Health is to foster an increasingly collaborative research powerhouse, focusing on cohesive research questions across the theme. Although chronic diseases are often examined individually, they frequently co-exist in real-world situations, sharing common causes and risk factors. By capitalising on the expertise within the Lifelong Health Theme, researchers can combat chronic diseases, ultimately improving the quality of life and health outcomes for people as they age.

Your gift will help change a life

SAHMRI is South Australia’s world-class independent not-for-profit health and medical research institute, but we can’t do what we do without you. We rely on the support of Australians to fund our life changing work.

Your generous donation brings SAHMRI one step closer to a healthier, happier future for everyone.

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