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Richard Pascoe, Adelaide Techguy
Can:Do Hearing shares with FIFTY+SA their hearing advice about the advances and options in hearing technology.

While the technology, tests and interventions in audiology may have changed over 70 years, the fundamental core of audiology, to assist people in their communication ability and interactions within their daily life has remained unchanged.

That said, Audiology in the last 5 years has embraced the flexibility of the wireless age of hearing aids.

This has ranged from beamforming technology (a type of radio frequency management in which a wireless signal is directed toward a specific receiving device) to assist hearing in background noise, rechargeable devices, remote fine-tuning, and Bluetooth compatibility, allowing seamless streaming and enjoyment of audio via podcasts or music.

In 1996, the first fully digital hearing aids were available and audiology enjoyed being able to provide people with better sound quality, smaller size and less feedback (whistling of the hearing aids). These days you can barely see the hearing devices and ear plug technology that are supporting better hearing.

Adelaide’s Tech Guy, Richard Pascoe says, “my hearing is very important to me as I need to be able to hear the listeners who call into the station (it’s a talk back show after all). I need to take care of my hearing, however it’s something that I have only really been made aware of these past few years. Who knows, I could have already damaged my ears and be headed towards hearing loss later in life. The fact that I am now better aware and I take precautions when I need, will ensure I am at least minimizing hearing loss impacts for later on.”

Just like our overall health is important, our hearing health can be the difference between a lively, active day or a complicated one. It’s about finding the right solution to suit your lifestyle – and the options are limitless.

  • Weatherproof and sweatproof: Made for active lifestyles, continuous wear, and easy cleaning. Whatever life throws at you, don’t worry. It’s no sweat for custom hearing aids.
  • Powerful smart apps: Access features that support a personalized customer experience, including health data tracking.
  • Solid custom earplugs: Designed to eliminate outside noises by up to 40 dB, suitable for industrial noise, loud concert goers, construction workers, military and aircraft operators.

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