Unifying support for spinal cord injury

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over one third of traumatic spinal cord injury cases are attributed to a fall of some kind. Whether it be as innocuous as a slip on a flat surface, or a fall from height, these incidents can cause injuries that have a profound impact on a person.

WORDS: Peter Stewart, estara CEO

Age, health and physical related challenges undeniably play a role in the likelihood of adverse outcomes following a fall, which is why prevention strategies are essential.

Understanding and supporting individuals who are impacted by spinal cord injury within their day to day lives has driven our evolution at estara, South Australia’s peak body for spinal cord injury.

For more than 60 years, estara has been supporting South Australians who are impacted by spinal cord injury by providing in-home community support, specialised and expert support and social inclusion programs.

Offering a range of supports for people following the traumatic incidence of spinal cord injury and which will have a positive impact across all facets of life is critical.

Our experience and extensive footprint across South Australia places us in an influential role within the community that we take seriously. We have advocated for and funded initiatives such as state of the art equipment at the Repat Spinal Injuries Unit, accessible beach mats, specialised sporting equipment, accessible bathrooms in public places, vocational scholarships and much more.

estara’s holistic approach strives to influence change and remove barriers to good living while upholding the rights of those people living with disability. A recent brand change from PQSA and HomeCare+ also reflects a unification of our organisation and strengthens how we influence effective sector change.

As estara, our organisation will continue to be driven by its purpose of supporting and empowering people living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities to choose how they live their potential.

We also innately understand that spinal cord injury can present in varying forms and across a broad cross section of age groups, which is why we develop highly personalised support programs that cater for an individual’s needs and circumstances.

estara has over 700 staff with far reaching disability support services extending across regional locations including Mount Gambier, Port Pirie, Port Lincoln, Kadina and Berri.


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