Celebrating diversity at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023

Mature age models make waves at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023 as diversity begins to be celebrated within the fashion industry.

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023 was earlier this month and we are still swooning over the mature age models that graced the runway. From the likes of Abigail O’Neill to Rachel Waller these incredible models are defying runway norms and breaking down barriers for other women and men in the fashion industry and beyond.

In an industry historically known for its emphasis on youth and unattainable beauty standards, the tides are shifting as fashion embraces diversity like never before. Diversity was embraced in various forms at this year’s AAFW, including mature-age models taking to the catwalks of top Australian designers like Ngali, Mariam Seddiq, Alemais and Blanca.

Breaking barriers and challenging social norms, these incredible models are reclaiming the fashion runway and proving that style knows no age limits. With a resounding message of inclusivity, this increase in diversity of all types, continues to open the door to a new era of representation and appreciation for beauty at every stage of life.

Elaine George for Ngali

Rachel Waller for Alemais

Rachel Waller for Bianca Spender

Jan Jacobsen for Blanca

Abigail O’Neill for Bondi Born

Lenna Holt BTS for Mariam Seddiq

Abigail O’Neill for Henne

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