Feels like HOME with Abbode Interiors

Make your house feel like home with the team of Abbbode Interiors.

Have you ever looked at a sunset or a rainbow and wondered why there is no beige? 

The team at Abbode Interiors cover all the colour palettes, prints, patterns and styles, from the brights and bolds you’ll find in the rainbow, to the neutrals of nature and everything in between. 

With a longstanding reputation for representing some of the most beautiful and exclusive brands in textiles, including fabrics and wallpaper as well as furniture, rugs and home accessories, Abbode works with both retail and trade clients to help bring that dream home to life. 

The last few years have taught us the importance of loving the time spent in our homes. Big or small, our own space is vital for our wellbeing; it’s the nest that represents who we are and gives us joy. The dynamic of travel, dining out and meeting up with friends has shifted and opened the door to rethinking the world inside our four walls. The team at Abbode will help you make your little corner of the world not only look great, but also feel like home. 

Textiles offer the ability to create an eclectic palette, unique to your own personal style and to create a home that uplifts the spirit and soothes the soul. Make a statement and change up a space with wallpapers; whether plains, stripes, graphics, geometrics, organics, classical or whimsical, Abbode has wallpapers for any room. They’re easier than ever to hang and remove if required, and this year will see an expanded range of papers for Abbode and the opportunity for you to connect directly with suppliers to find your dream print. 

2023 will see some other exciting developments for Abbode, with the introduction of in-house consulting, window display collaborations with SA designers and events to expand the network of fabric and wallpaper creatives. All this means bringing more beautiful and innovative design concepts to you for your home. 

Trends come and go; at Abbode you’ll find traditional, contemporary and timeless collections that will change the way you feel about the place you call home. 

Viva Magenta

Pantone has chosen a powerful and vibrant red shade as the Color of the Year 2023. This magenta color is a shade rooted in nature, it is bold and fearless and adds a joyful and optimistic tone to your interior.  

In 2023 we’ll see a return of colour in home decor; from paint, to walls, furniture and bedding. Colour drenching rooms in one shade, yet still adding accents of luxurious jewel tones in blue, greens, purple, teal and yellows…colours of the Mediterranean!

Say hello to

  • Statement making individualisation to your home: no more coordinated spaces and matching furniture, mix it up!
  • Merging the outdoors and indoor areas, bringing us closer to nature. 

Say goodbye to

  • Squeaky clean minimalist kitchens, all white and gloomy grey interiors and open plan living.

Abbode Interiors

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