Embrace your fashion journey after 50

If you have a case of the ‘blahs’ every time you get dressed, then maybe your personal style needs a little support.

WORDS: Jenni Eyles @jennieyles_

There are a few times in our lives when our personal style can have its foundations really shaken, and ageing (especially those of us over fifty) can certainly feel like we have gone from hero to zero in the style stakes.

We can’t be what we can’t see, and sadly in fashion there exists ageism. In mainstream media and advertising, we rarely see over fifty models and almost never see models with ageing faces, grey hair or bodies heading south. But we exist!

4 reasons you struggle to get dressed

If every time you open your wardrobe and find yourself staring at the abyss of clothes on hangers, lamenting that you have ‘nothing to wear’ or you’re feeling uninspired about getting dressed then it’s time to look at these four factors that could be impacting your personal style.

  1. You have too many clothes
  2. Your clothes don’t reflect your current lifestyle
  3. Your clothes are ill fitting and not suited to your proportions
  4. You’re spending money on the wrong items

It’s time to edit!

The first place to start is with a good old wardrobe edit, do this solo with the help of a rocking playlist or grab a trusted friend to join in. Try on all your clothes and practice creating multiple outfits from your wardrobe items. Be ruthless, if it’s ‘haunting you or taunting you’ then move it on, no matter how much you paid for the item. Don’t hang onto clothes for sentimental reasons or because you ‘might’ lose some weight, life is happening now so wear the clothes that fit and make you feel amazing.

Some items may be worth a visit to a dressmaker for some simple alterations. You could also consider making some extra dollars to fund future purchases by selling unwanted garments online, at a consignment store or at a market. Once your wardrobe is edited you can now see where you may have some gaps, perhaps you are missing some foundation pieces.

Does your wardrobe reflect your current lifestyle?

From polished to playful and everything in-between, it’s time to ensure your wardrobe reflects your authentic personal style and lifestyle. Consider your stage of life and whether your wardrobe reflects your current lifestyle. One reason we can’t find anything to wear is because your wardrobe doesn’t match your daily activities, life has changed but your wardrobe hasn’t.

Life is happening now so wear the clothes that fit and make you feel amazing. 

If you have gone from the corporate world to wrangling grandchildren then it might be time to swap suits and heels for funky athleisure wear and platform sneakers. You might be at a stage in life where you hit the open roads for weeks or months at a time enjoying the grey nomad life; switch up your style and wardrobe to reflect this change in lifestyle.

It might be time to invest in a stylist

Hiring a stylist might feel extravagant and unnecessary but they are approachable, will work to a budget and are equipped to help on many fronts. From wardrobe edits and wardrobe organisation, special events, sourcing those ‘gap’ items in your wardrobe and even creating a whole new style just for you.

If your body has changed, it’s time to keep pace with a style to suit you. A stylist can help advise you of the perfect styles, shapes and proportions to make you look and feel fabulous top to toe every time you get dressed.

One reason we can’t find anything to wear is because your wardrobe doesn’t match your daily activities, life has changed but your wardrobe hasn’t.

Now is the time to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Most major shopping centres have in house stylists available to hire or find an independent stylist in your local area.

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