Matthew Arentz Advises: Why do I need a Will?

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Q: Why do I need a Will, and why should I get one professionally drafted?

A: Your will is a crucial document, impacting your family’s future and the distribution of your assets. While DIY will kits are inexpensive, they come with risks. Errors in wording or execution can render them invalid or lead to costly disputes.

Professional drafting ensures clarity and adherence to legal requirements.

Here are common DIY will pitfalls

  1. Incorrect or unclear wording: Ambiguities may lead to unintended consequences or even invalidation of the will.
  2. Improper execution: Strict signing rules must be followed. Mistakes, like using the wrong pen, can invalidate the will.
  3. Potential claims against the estate: Without professional advice, the will may be challenged, particularly regarding coercion or the testator’s mental capacity.
  4. Poor storage: DIY wills may be stored improperly, risking damage or loss.

Benefits of professional drafting

  1. Customisation: Professional wills consider your unique circumstances, assets, and family dynamics.
  2. Clarity and specificity: You can designate executors, specify assets, make special bequests, and establish trusts for beneficiaries’ protection.
  3. Tax and legal expertise: Professionals navigate complex legal areas, optimising your estate and minimising tax liabilities.
  4. Inclusion of important details: You can address guardianship for minors, funeral wishes, and reasons for excluding potential claimants.
  5. Compliance: Professional drafting ensures adherence to formal requirements for validity.

Why choose DBH Lawyers

With a wealth of experience in wills and estates law, DBH Lawyers offer tailored solutions and fixed-fee services. Their expertise spans succession, trusts, tax, and family law, ensuring comprehensive advice for your estate planning needs.

In summary, while DIY will kits may seem convenient, their risks far outweigh the savings. Professional drafting ensures your wishes are accurately reflected, safeguarding your family’s future.

Contact DBH Lawyers for expert guidance in securing your legacy: 

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