The electric evolution

As the automotive industry propels towards a more sustainable future, Volkswagen, Fiat and Abarth are at the forefront of this electric revolution.

Inspired by performance and driven by innovative technology, these brands are unleashing a new era of mobility that combines exhilarating driving experiences with a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

The future of driving 

Volkswagen’s ID. 4 and ID. 5 mark a significant step forward in the journey towards eMobility. These all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles embody Volkswagen’s dedication to creating a range of cars that offer both performance and sustainability. Whether it’s the dynamic ID. 5 GTX or the class-leading technology of the ID. 4, Volkswagen’s lineup has something for every driver seeking an electrifying ride.

The ID. 4 Pro and ID. 4 GTX epitomise Volkswagen’s commitment to providing an all-round package of performance and practicality. The ID. 4 Pro, with its elegant design and intelligent safety features, seamlessly integrates electrification into the SUV experience. Meanwhile, the ID. 4 GTX takes things up a notch with its all-wheel-drive capability and thrilling acceleration, proving that electric driving can be both engaging and exhilarating.

Electrifying performance

On the Fiat and Abarth front, the introduction of the 500e Turismo and Abarth Pulse signals a bold leap into the world of electric performance. Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat and Abarth, emphasises that performance is the driving force behind this transition. The New Abarth 500e, in particular, embodies the brand’s legacy of speed and excitement, offering an electrifying driving experience that stays true to its roots.

What sets these electric vehicles apart is not just their eco-friendly credentials but also their dedication to delivering a thrilling driving experience. The New Abarth 500e, for example, boasts impressive acceleration and handling, thanks to its electric architecture and advanced technology. With driving modes like Turismo, Scorpion Street, and Scorpion Track, drivers have the freedom to tailor their experience to suit their preferences, whether it’s smooth cruising or high-performance driving.

Moreover, the recharging speed of these vehicles ensures that the fun never stops. Equipped with fast-charging systems, the New Abarth 500e can replenish its battery in record time, allowing drivers to get back on the road and continue enjoying the ride. Partnering with Free2move eSolutions, Fiat and Abarth are also making it easier for drivers to access charging stations and manage their electric mobility experience seamlessly.

Hear the performance

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of these electric vehicles is the sound experience they offer. Abarth, known for its signature roar, has found innovative ways to replicate the thrill of a petrol engine in its electric models. From the immersive sound of the New Abarth 500e to the customisable Sound Generator feature, these vehicles ensure that drivers never miss out on the exhilarating sound of a powerful engine.

In addition to performance and sound, the New Abarth 500e also boasts a bold and distinctive style that sets it apart from the crowd. With aggressive exterior elements and premium interior finishes, this electric powerhouse exudes sportiness and sophistication, appealing to drivers who crave both style and substance.

VW ID. 4 

An SUV that turns heads 

The ID. 4 merges SUV practicality with electrification efficiency, embodying the essence of eMobility in a mid-size SUV. It offers performance along with ample cabin and luggage space, IQ.DRIVE safety systems, and convenient features like ambient lighting and keyless greeting, making every journey intuitive and comfortable.

VW ID. 5

An SUV that conquers it all 

The new ID. 5 blends SUV and coupe styles seamlessly, offering both power and elegance in an electric vehicle. Designed for maximum efficiency and electrifying performance, it ensures a confident ride throughout your day.

FIAT Australia Abarth 500e

The new era of fun to drive

The 500e Turismo is designed to offer you the most electrifying performance. Combining style, electric power and a new powerful sound, the new Scorpion turns energy into emotions, high technology into adrenaline… and sustainability into performance.

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