Stay rodent-free this winter

Stay rodent-free this winter with expert advice from Allstate Pest Control.

With the cold weather sweeping in, it’s a popular time for rats to seek shelter and warmth inside your house. Unfortunately, rats are among the worst houseguests you could have. Beyond the noise and smells, they contaminate your food – spreading germs and serious disease. They are also infamously skilled gnawers, chewing their way through walls, timber, insulation and electrical wiring, which could potentially start a fire.

To avoid the stress of having rats plague your house this winter, we have put together our top 5 recommendations from our rat control experts.

1. Seal entry points

Rats can squeeze and gnaw through small openings so it’s important to regularly inspect your home and cover over any gaps with wire mesh, sheet metal, steel wool, or hardware cloth.

2. Maintain your backyard

Reduce hiding spots and access to your home by keeping a clear perimeter around your home. We suggest trimming excess foliage and vegetation, removing backyard clutter and piles of organic matter, and mowing lawns regularly.

3. Manage waste properly

The strong smell of decomposing food and waste is an attractant for rats, so we recommend disposing of all waste regularly, ensuring bins have tight fitting lids and avoiding open compost heaps.

4. Remove clutter inside and outside

Regularly check less-frequented areas of your home to identify spots where rats hide, breed and nest. Removing rubbish, old furniture and cars, appliances or other hard waste items can reduce your chances of a rat outbreak.

5. Use rat baits, traps and poison with caution

You can use cage traps inside your home, however baits and poison are best reserved for outdoor use to keep children and pets out of harm’s way. If you are unsure about how to safely use them, it’s best to contact and speak to Allstate Pest Control for professional advice.

While there are many ways to deter rats from entering your home, sometimes DIY methods are simply not enough. Our experienced rat control technicians can help you with safe solutions that get rid of rats for good.

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