Exploring Australia and beyond: The benefits of small group tours

Travelling is an enriching experience that should be enjoyed by people of all ages. Small group tours, in particular, offer tailored benefits that can greatly enhance the travel experience.

Safety and comfort

Small group tours provide a sense of safety and security. Travelling with a group reduces the risk of getting lost or encountering safety issues. Tour guides are experienced professionals who are well-versed in the local customs, language, and potential challenges, ensuring a smooth and secure journey.

Expert guidance 

Knowledgeable guides offer valuable insights into destinations. They provide historical and cultural context, answer questions, and offer recommendations for local attractions, enriching the travel experience.

Social connections

Travelling in small groups encourages social interaction and companionship. Travellers can meet like-minded individuals, make new friends, and share memorable experiences, fostering camaraderie.

Tailored experiences

Small group tours can be customised to accommodate specific needs and preferences. This includes considerations for mobility, pace, and interests, ensuring a personalised and engaging experience. They also generally involve less strenuous physical activities compared to independent travel. Designed with the comfort and mobility of older people in mind, the itineraries are carefully crafted to include manageable walking distances, accessible accommodations, and appropriate transportation options.

Stress-free exploration

Small group tours offer a stress-free travel experience. Travellers can leave the logistical details to the tour operator and enjoy a well-organised itinerary. This allows them to relax, embrace new experiences, and create lasting memories without the burden of planning and decision-making.

Holidays of Australia & The World Small Group Tours 

Holidays of Australia & the World is one of Australia’s leading providers of escorted holidays. Experienced and passionate tour escorts provide that extra comfort and peace of mind while you are away by coordinating all aspects of your holiday, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Upcoming tours include:

  • Norfolk Island
  • Kangaroo Island 
  • Lord Howe Island 
  • Tasmania
  • Broome/Kimberley
  • Egypt
  • London to Istanbul by rail 
  • Spain and Portugal 
  • South Western WA
  • Malta and Sicily 
  • Indian Pacific


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