Experience mindful yoga at LOFT

At LOFT Meditation Yoga, yoga is not just a practice; it's a philosophy that encourages mindfulness, strength, and holistic well-being both on and off the mat.

The LOFT Meditation Yoga team’s mission is to provide a complete yoga system that nurtures the body and mind, fostering a deep sense of connection and balance.

LOFT approaches the asana practice as a form of moving meditation, which leads to a powerful, lucid, and unified body and mind. The emphasis lies in maintaining the integrity and fluidity of movement, which is achieved through a seamless synchronisation with the breath. With each inhalation, there is an initiation of graceful lifts, expansion, and openings, while every exhalation takes practitioners deeper into the profound realm of existence.

LOFT approaches the asana practice as a form of moving meditation, which leads to a powerful, lucid, and unified body and mind.

Time-honoured yoga traditions

The LOFT approach is deeply rooted in the venerable traditions of yoga, with a deep respect for all eight limbs of this ancient discipline, which include:

  • Yama (Ethical Disciplines): Guiding principles that navigate ethical choices and interactions in everyday life.
  • Niyama (Self-Observation): Self-discipline and self-reflection, essential for personal growth.
  • Asana (Postures): Physical poses that enhance flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Pranayama (Breath Control): Techniques to regulate and deepen the breath, fostering vitality and mindfulness.
  • Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal): The practice of turning inward and disconnecting from external stimuli.
  • Dharana (Concentration): Cultivating focused attention and concentration.
  • Dhyana (Meditation): The art of meditation, nurturing inner peace and tranquillity.
  • Samadhi (Blissful State): The ultimate goal, involving the experience of profound joy and unity.

Whether individuals are new to yoga or seasoned practitioners seeking deeper connection and growth, LOFT Meditation Yoga extends a welcome to all. The classes cater to a diverse range of participants, ranging from beginners taking their initial steps on the mat to experienced yogis in pursuit of profound connection and growth.

LOFT is dedicated to creating an inviting and inclusive environment characterised by positivity and acceptance. The community exudes a laid-back and open-minded vibe, fostering empowerment on the path to a healthier, more mindful, and happier life.

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