Oura Ring: Smart ring fitness tracker

The sleek, ultra-lightweight wearable Oura ring has transformed watch-style fitness trackers into the most advanced, accurate smart ring available. The Oura ring will help you take control of your health – in style.

Developed in Finland, the Oura ring has been dubbed “the future of health wrapped around your finger”. It can monitor your sleep, heart rate, activity, and temperature, with personalised insights. 

As the brand says, doctors measure your heart rate on your finger for a reasonthe pulse signal is stronger and more accurate than the wrist. Celebs like Prince Harry and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by the Oura.

Its sensors are said to capture biometric data at a significantly higher frequency than wearable tech by other brands. This data is transmitted to an app. Some of teh features are listed below.

Stay motivated with personalised daily activity goals. Oura tracks your heart rate, activity levels, and training frequency to tell if you’re hitting your goals and to make sure you’re giving your body enough recovery time.


Better health, brighter moods, more energy — it all starts with sleep. Wake up to in-depth analysis about your deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, blood oxygen levels, and more. Small adjustments to your daily routine can improve your sleep and transform how you feel.


The Readiness Score provides a holistic picture of your health using over 20 biometric signals. Oura senses if you’re feeling refreshed or stressed, and tells you if today is a day to push yourself or take it easy. With our research-grade temperature sensors, it can even tell you when you might be getting sick — sometimes even before you know it.

Launching in 2015, a third-generation model came out last year. silver and black finishes retail for $499 along with a monthly subscription, with a free six-month membership included. 


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