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The new year has come and gone and the resolution-ers have cleared out of the gym, it's time to get on our bikes and work towards life-long exercise goals. If you're looking to make the most of a high intensity, low impact workout, Echelon Cycling Studio could be for you.

We all know the saying “use it, or lose it” but did you know muscle mass decreases approximately 3–8% per decade after the age of 30 and this rate of decline is even higher after the age of 60? Lucky for us we can stop this decrease by using our muscles, and one of the best ways we love to use ours is cycling classes at Echelon Cycling Studio.

Cycling classes are great because of how low impact they are whilst still being an excellent cardiovascular and musculoskeletal exercise. But our favourite part is that Echelon Cycling Studio tailors each workout to our level of fitness and helps us work towards our individual goals.

Whether you’re looking to get back onto the bike and build some confidence before heading out on the road, or you’re feeling motivated to give cycling a go after the Tour Down Under spun through the city. Or maybe you simply want to move your body and get fit in a friendly, welcoming studio that can meet you where you’re at with your fitness.

Who are Echelon Cycling Studio classes suitable for?

Although cycling is low impact it’s still a high intensity training and a time efficient way to build fitness. Each 45 minute Echelon Cycling class is designed to give you maximum ‘bang for your buck’ but, don’t worry, they’ll have you working at a level of intensity appropriate for your goals, age and current fitness level.

Classes are designed to make you work hard and improve your fitness, no matter your fitness background. The state of the art Technogym Skill bikes are calibrated to your level of experience – there’s no naming and shaming here. Plus the workout program is tailored to you and changes each class.

Another perk of Echelon Cycling Studio is there are no dark rooms, no strobe lighting and no blasting music to put you off your game. It’s just you, the crew you’re riding with and your experienced trainer encouraging you to give it your all. Oh, and the all important personal tower fan keeping you cool as you go.

Best of all, you’re pushing to a preset level that you have control over on your individual bike. The bike reacts in real time to the amount of effort you’re putting in, giving you the ultimate accountability. There’s no sitting and spinning here, you’re working hard and making the most out of every minute which is exactly what we want from a workout when balancing our busy work and play schedules.

So what’s different about the bikes at Echelon Cycling Studio?

The bikes at the studio let you enjoy the same feeling as outdoor cycling as they replicate the biomechanics of outdoor bicycles and the frame and handlebar are designed to accommodate different riding positions and postures.

When you ride outdoors, weight and pedaling style matter, the same applies to the bikes at Echelon. The bikes react based on these and other parameters, delivering the most realistic and personal feeling. This is the closest experience to a real bike ride you’ll get at an indoor cycling class – which we absolutely love because getting out on the road these days is harder than it used to be.

For the avid outdoor cyclists, we love the option Echelon Cycling Studio classes give you during the winter months. It means that you can keep your cycling fitness up even when it is raining and dreary outside. Indoor cycling means that there are no swooping magpies either. All the perks of outdoor cycling without the weather and nature related downsides.

Who are the team behind Echelon Cycling Studios?

Echelon Cycling Studio was launched in 2019 by Kristin and Tanya Lewis, combining their fitness business experience and passion for cycling. The Studio uses coaches who practice what they preach, state of the art equipment, science-based programming and the power of a collective group effort to deliver exceptional indoor cycling classes.

Whether you are training for cycling or training for life, the cycling classes offer all round benefits.

Echelon Cycling Studio

224 Hutt Street, Adelaide



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