Unveiling the jewel of the Kimberley

Journey Beyond and Paspaley launch new touring experience.

In a collaboration between two iconic Australian brands, Journey Beyond and Paspaley, a new touring experience is set to redefine luxury exploration in the Kimberley region. The fusion of Journey Beyond’s expertise in experiential tourism and Paspaley’s mastery in pearling promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Australia’s pearling heritage.

Chris Tallent, CEO of Journey Beyond, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “The new tour offers visitors to Broome the opportunity to experience the most beautiful pearls in the world from a behind-the-scenes perspective.” With Paspaley’s Pearl Farm in Roebuck Bay as the centerpiece, guests will experience a voyage that dives into the history, romance, and meticulous craftsmanship behind each lustrous pearl.

The adventure begins at Gantheaume Point Beach, where guests are whisked away to their seagoing vessel, setting sail for Roebuck Bay. Against the backdrop of crimson sands and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, travellers will immerse themselves in the narrative of pearling history while cruising through the Ramsar Nature Reserve wetland site.

The new tour offers visitors to Broome the opportunity to experience the most beautiful pearls in the world from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

On reaching Roebuck Bay, guests are greeted by the enchanting world of the Paspaley Pearl Farm, where they will discover the intricate process of pearl cultivation. Paspaley’s commitment to marine stewardship and scientific innovation ensures the production of unparalleled pearls that epitomise the raw beauty of nature.

After an exploration of the farm, guests return to Broome to visit the Paspaley Boutique, where they are invited to admire the brand’s exquisite jewellery collections. 

With departures scheduled for both morning and afternoon, the Paspaley Pearl Farm Tour promises to be a highlight of any Kimberley itinerary, offering travellers a rare glimpse into the world of Australian pearling. As bookings open via Journey Beyond’s website, anticipation builds for a journey that seamlessly intertwines luxury, heritage, and natural splendor in the heart of the Kimberley.



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